A downloadable Grapple Gravity for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Grapple Gravity 

Grapple Gravity is a first person grappling parkour game, use the gun to swing around and reach the finish line!

Made in 3 days

This game is made in 3 days, in the video shown below I'll show you exactly how Grapple Gravity is made and everything about it, have fun!




Youtube Channel:


Install instructions

  • Download the setup file
  • Click the checkmark if you want a desktop shortcut
  • Click install
  • Double click on Grapple Gravity.exe
  • Enjoy the game :)


Grapple Gravity (Windows 64bit).exe 33 MB
Grapple Gravity (Windows 32bit).exe 31 MB
Grapple Gravity (Mac).zip 43 MB
Grapple Gravity (Linux).zip 62 MB

Development log


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gun man


Really good Reminds me of DANI's GAMES

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Amazing game! I challenge everyone to beat my individual times, as well as my total time which adds up to 58.73 seconds across all levels.

JUST PURE FUN and addiction 


Made a segmented run of my fastest times

You to good at this, how long did it take you to find these fast routes and perfecting them?

Wow, those times are impressive! even better than mine :)

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It was hard to me.. and I hate hard games..

But this game is really fun and exciting!

I can't believe you made it in 3 days!

You're great game maker!


I love parkour games, they are so fun and get you out of reality. That's a super cool game!


After playing for 3 hours, I can conclude that level 5 is completely impossible.


well, here you go! I just recorded a clip of me doing lvl 5 :) https://streamable.com/t2fdmh


I never thought this game would be very entertaining. This is a very cool game you've made.


This game is so hard and I broke the game XDDDD

loved it so much

Amazing video :) thx for playing


Idk how do get games on linux, i have a chromebook i open the game on files but it won't work )= someone help pls

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Great game. It was very funny and that is why I liked it. Pretty good for 3 days. Can't get past the first level. Very hard to control character mid air. :( 7/10 tho

Hey, you made it on the thumbnail. :D


very nice


it's funny that I made a game like this.
Except for the fact that yours is better than mine.

Like there are textures and stuff


oh so you dont know what karlson is?


bruh "oh so you dont know what karlson is well its a game im working on and were the top 32 wishlisted on steam so smash thats wishlitst button" -dani


worst fucking movement ever


If you will get too fast, you can go through lava. But your game is still pretty good.


Maan You Are Awesome Your Games Are Awesome I Am Following You  ON Itch And Subbing In YT Keep Up The Good Work


awesome game. Can you share the code for the grapple and how it swings and also how the gun turns and points towards the rope?



Great video! Keep up the good work :)


great game although could you add an object to show what you're looking at like in minecraft

you mean a crosshair?



Hey there, OneFourtySevenAM here, and I just played your game for a video series I have called "Indie Picks". If you're at all interested in seeing what I thought of your game, feel free to watch the video.

Amazing video!! :)




Level 3 5.87 beat my tim


pls can u say how to download it in linyx

If you already tried unzipping the file and running the executable. You might need to take a look at this user guide: https://itch.io/docs/itch/installing/linux/

lool i love this game have been playing this in free time. Map design is really great Dani one is bit tough. Loved it

Awesome video! Thank you so much :)

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Dani spends weeks making games and they are still bad but this guy or girl spent three days making a game and it is amazing

Thank you! :)


as a dani fan im hurt




This game is super cool, no question with that, BUT IM A DANI STAN SO SHUT UP AND GO DO UR OWN WORK

no need to insult dani he just makes games for fun and wait for karlson to come out might change your mind but yeah i kinda agree some of his games can get boring really fast so karlson would be his redemption arck


Grappling gun code is just modified code from Dani's tutorial.


Please add more levels i love this game and i have beat it so i would love more levels!


you need more recognition for this or maybe make like more levels?

Wait this came out just recently nvm it will catch on


I like this game very much. optimization is good.


This game has shown me why I could never be a speed runner lol


Made a video

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Thank you so much for checking out my game! :)


ty for having a 32bit ver.

No problem! Have fun playing :)


Fun game!


Awesome video, thank you so much for playing!


Super fun!


danis grappling hook is alot more fun in this gam


why would you comment just to hate bruh

hate? literally stfu LOL